Slug, Enmore Lane

I’ve been a little busy of late with a new hobby, so this is really nothing more than a lazy cross post. I wandered past this eye catching piece the other day. It’s on the corner of Metropolitan Road and Enmore Lane. It’s by an artist who goes by the tag of Slug. I wouldn’t have a clue who the person behind the work is but they sure are prolific in the area and have a pretty terrific look going on with their pieces – the geometry is rather hypnotic. I wouldn’t imagine this was a quick or easy piece to spray. You can find some more of their work dotted around the web here and here, amongst lots of other places.


My Sydney bucket list

A couple of months back I posted about ‘Sydney fatigue’. I’d like to say the negativity in part of the post is fully behind me and I’ve learned ways to embrace and make the most of this diverse and energetic city but of course that wouldn’t be true. I dearly love aspects of this city – many of which center around the Inner West – but overall I find my Sydney life fatiguing and draining. There’s a film some of us movie wankers like called Koyaanisqatsi. (It’s a devastating and haunting non-narrative film, if you get the chance to see it.) The title, taken from the Hopi language, translates into ‘life out of balance’. I feel a bit like that a lot of the time in Sydney.

Anyway, a couple of years back freshly inspired from a trip to the USA’s beautiful northwestern states I wrote a list of things I wanted to do in Sydney. I’m not sure what the future holds for Sydney, myself, and our geographic proximity but thought I’d publish the list here and open it up for any suggestions. Yesterday I hired a bike and went riding in Centennial Park so that’s one more thing I can cross off my list. It was good fun, although I feel there’s only so many times you can ride around in a circle..

Here’s the list, with things I’ve done crossed off. I’ve got a lot to do!

    1. Early Yum Cha, Ashfield
    2. Canoing, Royal National Park
    3. Under the Blue Moon Festival, Enmore
    4. Walking, Lane Cove National Park
    5. Bondi to Bronte walk
    6. See a gig at the Vanguard
    7. Sydney Festival opening night
    8. Cycling in Centennial Park
    9. Movie at Madam Fling Flongs
    10. Dinner at Table for 20
    11. Lunch in Cabramatta
    12. Watch some Slam Poetry
    13. Walk across the Harbour Bridge, dinner in Kirribili
    14. Taronga Zoo foreshore walk
    15. B’hai Temple day trip
    16. Buy a lobster at the fish markets
    17. Watch some Roller Derby

Anything I’m missing?

Vivid 2011

I spent the long weekend in Melbourne with a few lovely southerner friends. (Is that what you call people from Melbourne?) One of them made the remark that whilst Sydney has a long way to go to catch up with Melbourne’s underground art/music/bar/restaurant/whatever scene, it does do the Big Festival thing well. And that’s pretty true. In between Biennale, Sydney Festival, Sculptures by the Sea, and the various suburb festivals Sydney offers some pretty amazing free events. And Vivid falls squarely into that category. In case you completely missed it – as I did last year – it is a festival of light featuring 45-odd light installations and sculptures centered around Circular Quay and the Rocks. It ran for about two weeks, finishing up last weekend.

On a very cool and windy Wednesday night I headed out to check out as much of it as I could. The weather didn’t work out too badly – it kept numbers down and thinned out the rows and rows of tripods around the Quay. I worked my way around as many of the installations as I could but probably only saw about half of the sites on offer. My favorites from the evening were ‘Social Firefly’, ‘Unfamiliar Customs’ and ‘The Garrison’. The interactive paint project at the MCA was also lots of fun. I confess being a bit underwhelmed by the Opera House, but it was very neon and shiny which is quite Sydney after all.

You can see some of the photos I grabbed from the evening in the gallery below, as well as my clip of the Customs House animation. There’s some great sound design accompanying the animation, so be sure to turn your speakers up!

Sydney Roller Derby League

I’ve been meaning to go for literally a year now and finally caught round four of the latest Roller Derby season at Olympic Park last weekend. It was great, neck-and-neck finish and all. Here’s the last minute of the title match:

The SRDL website has all the info you could possibly want about the comp, teams and upcoming games.

52 suburbs

I’ve been a big fan of Louise Hawson’s ‘burb project/blog 52 suburbs since stumbling across it one afternoon. She set herself the ambition project of visiting 52 Sydney suburbs in about a year and photographing the excursions. The results are a massive collection of jawdroppingly stunning photos. I seriously can’t stress enough how inspiringly beautiful the 52 suburbs photos are. Have a wander through her posts and see for yourself..

I knew a book was in the works but hadn’t visited the blog recently, so I was pleased to see her finished book in print form sitting in the Abbey window on the way in to work this week. I’m definitely going to buy myself a copy. You can see and hear Louise Hawson speak about her book at the official launch on Saturday 14th May, and also the following Wednesday as part of the Sydney Writers Festival. Both events are free!

A Walk through Stanmore #2*

Montague Gardens

I walk past Montague Gardens most days. When I was on the home hunt and looking into how I’d cope with the plane noise a couple of times I’d buy a quick lunch and weekend paper from the supermarket and bakery down the road and go sit in the park for an hour or so. It gave me a reasonable idea what the outdoor noise was like overhead, and clued me in on the weather and runway variables from Sydney Airport (big planes to the west, little ones to the east, etc).

During daylight Montague is a pretty but forgettable park, flanked by massive Fig trees. It doesn’t get a lot of use but like all parks it’s nice to know it’s there. There’s some new children’s play equipment I haven’t got around to trialling yet, and what looks like an old hoop or outdoor squash court at the base of the park. About the coolest feature of the park is the awesome rusting iron fence surrounding it. But wander past the park at night and it takes on an almost eerie atmosphere, floodlit by a central bank of lights and peppered with older iron lamp posts. The play equipment almost sits like a beacon in the pool of light. Having said that, the windy and rainy night probably added to the mood. I think I like the park a lot more at night than during the day.