Hello and welcome to the blog! I created this blog around the time I moved from Glebe to Stanmore. It was and is an ongoing attempt to pay more attention to my local community and get to really know the suburb. As loved ones and friends will attest I don’t exactly sit at the outgoing, socially proactive end of the scale. That’s how this blog fits in. It’s a push in the right direction, a constant, glaring reminder that I haven’t updated the blog, and therefore haven’t done much locally, in x days or weeks.

I moved to Stanmore in early 2009, being one of the deluge of first home buyers who made the jump from renting to owning around that time. When looking for a place I knew I wanted to buy in the Inner West. I’d lived in Glebe earlier and loved the area to bits. Bear in mind I haven’t lived in Sydney too long so I’ve got no real frame of reference. I get that each and every area of Sydney has its charms and character but in the end my focus came down to something pretty intangible: I just felt the most relaxed and at home in the Inner West. That and it was a long way from the beach.

I didn’t know a lot about Stanmore before starting the long house hunting process. It was a suburb nestled next to Enmore and below Annandale. Beyond that it was a bit of a mystery. 80 open houses later meant I’d got to spend a little time in Stanmore. I liked it. The concept that suburbs can have unique character may be a laughable one, all the more so in a few words, but if I was to attempt such a folly I’d say Stanmore to me is a suburb of quiet wide streets, young families lounging in parks, quiet little corner stores that feel they haven’t changed in 50 years, and rows upon rows of beautiful terraces. I’ve grown to like Stanmore a lot. It doesn’t have the in-your-face creativity and extravagant social microcosms of Enmore and Newtown, but it shares their tolerant vibe, the left-leaning politics and easy-going nature.

So thanks for stopping by and thanks for reading. Please please please leave a comment, suggestion, complaint or point of contention – its always great to know people are reading the blog. If you can think of any Stanmore icons I haven’t got around to featuring yet or want to take me to task for something I’ve written please let me know. My email address is stanmoreandthecity @ gmail.com (remove the spaces).

As fair warning there will be the odd line or image that not be entirely suitable for younger children. But hey, I’ve seen South Park – I know what kids these days are hearing and seeing!

A huge thank you to Ben for loaning me the title. That background in journalism is clearly paying off in spades. Visit his blog here – its both informative and entertaining!