This piece has apparently been up for a number of weeks now but hey, I’ve been overseas holidaying so I only stumbled across it last week. It’s really arresting – it just leaps out at you from Mallett Street and knocks you over the head with its message. There’s no misinterpreting this one. Good stuff Fukt.

Aaaand since the Occupy Wall Street movement seems to be the darling of the month for the left it would be remiss of me not to include this complex and thought provoking number in Liberty Street:

I was fortunate enough to visit New York as part of my holiday. I can soundly confirm that no, Wall Street isn’t burning. It doesn’t even smell of smoke. Although there was a faint methane aroma from the horse manure. The street was cordoned off and the authorities were making sure no protesters came within kooee of the famed/infamous financial hub.

The actual Occupy site is two blocks west. Things were pretty chilled at the ‘campsite’.